Welcome to the website for the Tay Sachs Disease and Related Conditions Screening Program.

The Tay Sachs Disease and Related Conditions Screening Program is a genetic screening program that is funded by the generous donations from the Pratt Foundation, Gandel Philanthropy, The Finkel Foundation, The Besen Foundation and other anonymous donors.

We provide genetic counselling and genetic testing for genetic conditions that are common amongst people of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.

Genetic testing and counselling is offered free of charge to all Year 11 students in Melbourne.

Community genetic screening sessions are held twice each year to provide an opportunity for Year 11 & 12 students with a valid student card, who do not attend Jewish secondary schools to have access to the testing free of charge and also for others in the community who wish to undergo testing at a reduced fee.

The next community genetic screening session is to be confirmed

Supported by Pratt Philanthropies, Gandel Philanthropies, The Besen Family Foundation, The Finkel Foundation and anonymous donors
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