Why should I get tested?

Testing is available to anyone at risk of being a carrier of any of these conditions. Knowing whether you are a carrier or not can help inform decisions you make when planning a family.

How do I get tested?

Community Screening Sessions: Community screening sessions are held twice a year and provide members of the community an opportunity to access testing at a reduced rate. 
One-off testing: If you would like to access testing outside of our screening sessions, testing is also available on a one-off basis. Please contact Victorian Clinical Genetics Services for further details on (03) 9936 6402.

How is testing performed?

Testing is available by a painless cheek brush test or blood sample. 

How much will it cost?

Testing currently costs $330 for the eight conditions. Testing is offered at a reduced rate of $280 at the Community Screening Days which are held twice a year. 
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